Important Camp Info

  • Registration is from 12:00-1:30 for both residents and commuters in Hillcrest Hall.  Coaches and Counselors will be available as you check in to help guide you through the process.  Please make sure your children each lunch prior to coming to campus.  We will have a snack bag for each camper that will help tide them over until dinner that evening.
  • After all campers have had lunch, they will gather outside Hillcrest Hall at 2:15 with the counselors and walk to the Field House for an afternoon session including a welcome/introductions and a testing session. This session will enable us to determine which groups to place your athlete in.
  • Only Coaches and Athletic trainers will be allowed in training areas due to liability and safety issues.
  • Campers should bring a clearly labeled backpack to store their gear in during workout.
  • Commuter campers need to be signed out anytime they leave camp and return to camp. Please remember to bring a photo ID when you pick up your daughter so that we may verify who you are. Also if there will be someone else picking up your daughter please fill out an authorization to pick up form. If for any reason overnight campers are being picked up please follow these same guidelines and checkout with the counselors at Hillcrest Hall front desk.
  • Gymnasts will need to bring their own supplies needed for camp. Example: Tape for ankles, wrist guards etc…..
  • Absolutely no food or drinks (except water in a closed container) will be allowed in the gym.  You are welcome to bring your own water bottle if you wish.  Please make sure that the bottle is clearly labeled with your name.
  • Tuesday night, there will be a lip sync competition, in which campers are encouraged to participate. They can participate as individuals or in groups. Please feel free to bring costumes, props, etc. to make your lip sync one of a kind.
  • Wednesday will be an open gym session that begins at 8:30 and ends at 10:15. Campers will show their camp dance at 10:20 and will be followed by a photo session.

Phone Numbers During Camp:

  • Iowa Gymnastics Office: 319-335-9743


Skills Testing Form